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Always Understanding and Listening. Customer support done right.

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Without teamwork , there would be no achievement. At MyanmarCom , we work together with our customers to get the best results.

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We work hard to gain your trust because we know its precious.


We are always in connection with our suppliers , business partners and customers to ensure everyone benefits from us. Are you connected?

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Service You Can Trust - MyanmarCom Co Ltd


1We understand the need for the best service for both our home and business clients. To this , we strive to be the best service providers in the industry.


2Without trust , there would be no relationships. We value our relationships with our customers and the trust placed upon us by our customers.


3To MyanmarCom , quality is value. Without quality control and assurance to our products and services , we understand that there would be no value.


4Our professional support does not end when the payment has been made. Its extends above and beyond to ensure that our customers are always supported.